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Born in Kinshasa of the Democratic Republic of Congo but raised in Montreal, stefan started dancing at in his late teens and later got involved in theatre before settling for cinema as his life’s passion. A graduate of Concordia University's Film Production program, stefan verna has been active in the Montreal film community for years as a Director, Cameraman, Editor & Video Instructor to inner city youth. As a director he has explored various forms of filmmaking: documentary, fiction, music videos and dance videos. His deep interest in Politics, Afro Culture and Danse has fueled the type of projects he has pursued.
His camera work has taken him to Cuba, France, Haiti, Mexico and the U.S and has been shown on various Canadian networks such as CBC Newsworld, APTN, Canal D and Canal Evasion.
As an editor he has worked on TV shows such as La Course Autour de la Grande Tortue for Canal D, Chic Choc for APTN and Mordu de la Pêche for Canal Evasion, Discovery and NBC Sports.
His previous films are: Broken Strings (1999), Chocolate City (2003), Poetry in Motion (2004), Lakay (2008), Forever Loon (2010), Diversidad : a Roadtrip to Deconstruct Diner (2011), Drawing Blank (2012). He is presently completing the post-production of a feature length documentary NOMAD’S LAND: a documentary Rhyme about the Montreal Hip Hop group Nomadic Massive.


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