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  1. Abbitt Wilkerson
  2. Henry Jun Wah Lee / Evosia
  3. ljudbilden
  4. Philip Bloom
  5. Salomon
  7. A Sacramento Wedding
  8. Fabián Aguirre

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  1. i believe the increments can be added for t2i if you download magic lantern, im pretty sure.
  2. which preset would you reccomend over cinestyle.
  3. Aardman animation is always good
  4. its a good short. animation is nice. but i think to say the US is funding mexico's cartels is a bit misleading, beside the fact the US is not affiliated nor has control of what mexico's goverment does with it's money.
  5. good storytelling philip, something you are good at.
  6. sn commented on SuperGame Promo
    wow 1:31 is so smooth. did you guys use a glidecam? what camera was used?