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  1. 12 - (starting at 53m30s) Examination of the historical issues of slavery, women's rights, and homosexual practice.
  2. 10 - (~40m) The only thing that has changed in the last 40 years is our cultural view of sexuality, not any new discovery about scripture. Pro-homosexual scholars use their own opinions based on their personal experience as their authority to try…
  3. ‎9 - (~31m) Love-based moral teachings of Jesus in the NT. Threefold moral teaching of Jesus: 1) He said He did not intend to abolish the law but to bring it to fulfilment. 2) Said all sexual acts outside of [husband-wife] marriage were sinful. 3)…
  4. 1 - Dr Brown discusses Mel White (a pro-homosexual Christian) and his dispute with Jerry Falwell about homosexuality. 2 - (starting at about 10m30s) - Dr Brown discusses others who are pro-homosexual and agree with Mel White. 3 - (starting about…