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FREEDOM (AOP) was founded in 1999 by Gilad Lewandovski.
We are evolving advanced outdoor programs. Freedom specializes in action sports, music, education & adventures for kids, young adults & their families.

The core of our philosophy is that fun sports activities & music are mediums to teach young individuals about leadership and respect for the environment. Freedom also emphasizes the value of friendship through teamwork. Our program provides a year round escape from daily stressors and routines, giving young people a chance to enjoy the outdoors.

The FREEDOM instructors are well qualified to work with beginners, as well as advanced participants. Regardless of your level, you will find that our experienced instructors will bring you to the level you want to reach safely. Our team of instructors comprises the best in every venue we are involved in. Our trainers are professional watermen, surfers, kayakers, skate boarders and snowboarders who enjoy teaching and sharing their passion and knowledge with anyone who wants to learn.

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