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Nick has performed at Pact Theatre, The Old Fitzroy, Cockatoo Island, Shopfront, Civic theatre, the Q Theatre and Carriageworks.

Nick has completed his honours in practice-based research after graduating from UNSW with BA Media and Communications majoring in Theatre and Performance Studies where he received the Cate Blanchett award for performance research. Whilst studying he performed in The Arraignment of King Lear, directed by Madeleine Blackwell and In Passing, directed by Clare Grant. Outside of his academic study he trained with the Impact Ensemble 09 which led to developing the work Public Bunnies in C# minor under the direction of Michal Imielski. Imielski went on to employ as a performer Nick for the tour of his work Blind As You See It (Sydney Fringe and This is Not Art 2010). He has recently completed a short residency at the Q theatre. Here he devised and performed a new solo work and the wall began to talk. Over the past year he has also spent time developing performing workshops for UNSW open days and has hosted, Flannofest 2010, a youth arts initiative held at the Q theatre Penrith. He is currently the company managner for the SHH – Centre for the Hybrid Arts under the artistic direction of Imielski and is seeking opportunities to develop new work both with the company and independently.

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  3. What a great video and a wonderful project Nick and Tom. Are you working on anything else with this project? I am running performance installations which have some cross overs with your work. It's called Spreading the Love and I take my bed to public…