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Hso Hkam is a multitalented artist living in Venice, California. Hso was born in Rangoon, Burma, where he is recognized as a prince of the warrior Shan Tribe, whose lineage dates back to 1791. At age 11, Hso and his family moved to the United States where they were granted political asylum. Raised by Oxford educated parents, he excelled in academics and sports, receiving an athletic scholarship to play tennis at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Hso continued his education at the UCLA School of Art, where he received a degree in fine arts. His film credits include festival favorite, "Ghostown" and "Ground Bloom Flower". "Fighting 4 the Forty" earned him the Audience Award at the Malibu Film Festival. His web-content "Pachuco Puppets" is in negotiations with several distribution companies. Recently, "History is Myth" won best short film at the Other Venice Film Festival and his feature directorial debut "Money" was completed. A modern day film noir mixed with pop culture.


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