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Imma Carpe was born in the Mediterranean coast of Spain.
She graduated at 2D Animation master degree at San Carles Fine Arts. Valencia (Spanish hometown) and obtained the title of Pedagogic teacher .Later on She completed her studies in Germany and Denmark , at Maya computer animation at The Animation Workshop, where currently works on her next short
"The Dressmaker".

She has been working mainly as a designer, animator for international publishers in London, France and Spain as well as producing short films, which have been very welcome in international film festivals.
She eventually works as a teacher, at The Animation Workshop ( Maya Basics) Denmark, San Carles College, Spain ;and as assitant producer in LA at film festivals like LALIFF.

Her work is a mix of media , a research of textures and patterns, especially fabrics ,which enrich the animation combined ,generally ,with more innovate classical music performances .
Passion and movement to exalt human feelings .

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