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I am a University Lecturer at Keele University, where I contributes to the Music Technology and Music programmes. I was born and raised in northern Italy, not far from Venice, and obtained my BSc in Electronic Engineering from Universita' di Padova. I moved to the UK to pursue studies in Sonic Arts, and settled down in the British Midlands in the late 1990s. I am primarily a creative person working with computers, audio and video. I also write commentaries on aspects of my own artistic practice, as well as on general topics related to contemporary sound art. I am an amateur fingerstyle acoustic guitar player, I love going to the cinema at impossible hours and I look at the world of mass media with a healthy degree of skepticism. For more details about my professional life as an academic, please see here: keele.ac.uk/music/people/diegogarro/ More information about my personal life are available only over a up of good coffee and a croissant. Perhaps.

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  1. Diego Garro commented on Ghostly
    This is beautiful. It really works for me on so many levels... Well done.