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It's said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Two years ago I learned this truth first hand.

I'm Kimberly Warner. I live in Portland, Oregon. I'm a filmmaker and photographer. I love story. And I love telling stories on the screen for anyone to see. Two years ago I wrote a script for a short film named CPR. It's a seven minute tale of a disillusioned, 1960s housewife finding truth and empowerment at the bottom of a turquoise swimming pool. I started sharing my vision with friends and fellow creatives and soon it started taking shape. I had no idea the amount of effort, love and dedication that getting that seven minutes in the can would take, but with a team of passionate partners, we did it. And we loved the result. After sharing and submitting it to a few select film festivals, we found others did too. It was selected to premiere in the POW film fest last year. Then the NW filmmakers fest. Then the Portland International Film Festival. Also internationally in several festivals in the UK and Brisbane, Australia. The rush of taking an idea, a thought and bringing it alive is amazing. But even more amazing is building the team of like thinking talent that can make that dream happen. So many parts. Such a bigger outcome.

And now, I'm doing it again.

My newest short film is called 9. A ballerina on the cusp of becoming a young woman teeters between innocence and experience, the well worn path and the one less taken. A little magical, dark and wonderful journey of a girl finding her soul. And again I'm finding myself surrounded by an amazing team (many returning from the first film) sharing my vision and watching the pieces fall into place.

If you want to follow this newest film's progress and the underbelly of all my musings, please check out my blog:

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