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Marcus Lebov is an American Writer Photographer & Director. Marcus immersed himself in the New York City Music Video scene under the tutelage of "Scott Kalvert" - he attended Film School - he also got the chance to work on a feature "The Basketball Diaries" during this time he also got the chance
to prove himself by penning music video treatments in N.Y.C. in
between Film School he began assisting his good friend from
High school - phenom fashion photographer "Davide Sorrenti"
- Lebov worked on campaigns with Sorrenti for Interview, Detour,
and Ray Gun magazines. After the devastating blow to The
Fashion Industry when Davide passed away at the age of
20 years old. Marcus then shipped off to the West Coast and
began writing music videos as a staff writer for the music
video & advertising division "A Band Apart" owned by Quentin
Tarrantino & Lawrence Bender; a small spin off from the
Film Production Company - that Tarrantino & Lawrence
Bender were partners in. Lebov's written music videos for
Director's such Spike Jonze, Paul Hunter, David Fincher and
Dominick Sena.

Lebov continued writing video's under a variety of
pseudonyms such as Ray Lazer, Theodore LoveLand,
Kid Gucci, Paco Levin, Ace RothStein, Hymen GoldDiamond &
Little-XXX - amongst a host of other AKA's. Lebov then broke
into the mainstream television market using his real name
Marcus Lebov - he started working as a dialogue specialist
for 2 WB teenage themed one hour shows - he exclusively
only polished teenage dialogue - working as a script-doctor
for Warner Brothers TV. He then got the chance to write an 18 minute short film that starred Ted Danson, Robert Wagner, Zoe Dechenel, Ivana Milicevic, Simon Hellberg, Tiffany Limos and Dylan Bruno - Directed by Todd Levin - the film garnered critical acclaim on the festival circuit including The Palm Springs Film Festival, South by South West & Slam-Dance. He is currently working freelance in between NYC & Los Angeles.

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