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Ardaco Table Top is a company based in Milano. Since 10 years have teamed up with Director/DoP Mario Battistoni, one of Italy's leading Table Top specialist.
The experience of our team allow us to provide the support in order to face all the new production challenges.
Thanks to our strong know how and unity, we can organize all aspects of a Table Top production and post production from a single frame to a complete commercial in all its detail.


Mario Battistoni is a Director and DoP of commercials. He lives and works in Milan with his company, Ardaco srl.
Mario Battistoni's reputation allows him to work on the photography of important Italian and international commercials for such companies as Campari, Barilla, Swatch, Dom Perignon and Kraft.
As Director of Photography, he has worked in the cinema alongside the Director Maurizio Nichetti in such films as "Ratataplan", "Ho fatto splash", “Domani si balla", "Volere volare" and "Ladri di saponette" for which he won the coveted Italian Golden Globe award for best photography.
Mario Battistoni has more than twenty years experience in the Table Top advertising production. He is a serious and dependable professional, always able to find the best solution and to obtain the maximum result.
Mario Battistoni is specialized in the Direction and Photography of Table-Top shots for commercials, liquid, food, watches, high speed 120/300/600/1200/2000 fps and motion control.

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