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  1. Shoot for the Edit

    by Charlie McCarthy subscribed to

    70 Videos / 11.6K Followers

    This channel is for sharing editing and shooting techniques for beginning and advanced video producers.

  2. cinematography

    by sean farrington subscribed to

    19 Videos / 20 Followers

  3. Final Cut Pro

    by Stephen Lewis subscribed to

    81 Videos / 3,645 Followers

    Tutorials for Final Cut Pro and Express users!

  4. Independent Filmmakers

    by Brian Chambers Productions subscribed to

    820 Videos / 10.9K Followers

    This channel is designed to showcase the talent and hard work of Vimeo's independent filmmakers. Hopefully this channel will give you that extra bit of encouragement, inspiration and feedback…

  5. Omars Film Channel

    by Dreamartist Films subscribed to

    38 Videos / 37 Followers

    This channel is about watching real short films in their entirety directed and created by Vimeo users. No cool trailers. No cool random shots of people and streets. No cool rack focuses. No cool time…

  6. Vimeo Selections

    by kahve subscribed to

    276 Videos / 687 Followers

    This is a "best of" channel. Only best videos will show. If you want to watch best videos on vimeo, just subscribe!


    by Sn Films subscribed to

    66 Videos / 41 Followers

  8. Redrock Micro's Channel

    by Redrock Micro subscribed to

    168 Videos / 1,467 Followers

  9. Red 4K

    by Sn Films subscribed to

    59 Videos / 906 Followers

  10. Student Films

    by Javed Ahmed subscribed to

    511 Videos / 4,852 Followers

    All types of Moving-Image work created by students.

  11. Kateoplis

    by katepolis subscribed to

    1,592 Videos / 1,568 Followers

    CELLAR FOR MY HOMAGE DU JOUR http://kateoplis.tumblr.com/ Please submit your videos via mail, not on the shoutbox. Thanks.

  12. Reel 13

    by Reel 13 subscribed to

    191 Videos / 1,761 Followers

    If you're a professional or aspiring filmmaker, submit your short film to our weekly competition. The short that gets the most votes will air on Thirteen-WNET, America's most-watched public…

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