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Daniel Warth has worked on over forty short films as writer, director,
editor, actor, producer and/or composer. Since studying film at
Sheridan College, Daniel has directed short films for some of
Toronto's funniest people, including The Second City, Levi MacDougall, Nikki Payne, Brian Barlow, Deborah Robinson and Punch Drysdale. Daniel is also the co-founder of the weekly sketch comedy site The Wrong Box and has directed and/or edited original content for major television networks such as MTV, CBC and The Score.


  1. Abby Ho
  2. Jason Par
  3. Jamie Travis
  4. Aaron Feldman
  5. nicole dorsey
  6. David Lynch
  7. Evan DeRushie
  8. Philipp G. Berg

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  1. He looks way better with the short buzz cut:)
  2. I'm hearing a lot of internet buzz about the "Jason Par" Petty Thieves Thank You Video.... Supposed to come out soon, right?