Amber Cahill

Ankeny, Iowa

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I grew up in the gym. Most every day after school I would high-tail it to the gym, practicing and eventually coaching until closing time. I also divided my time between dance classes and cheerleading. I continued with gymnastics through college at Illinois State University and coaching at many different clubs and high schools.

After having three babies, I sought refuge in the gym and began working out again. I entered running and biking races. I took every exercise class available to me. My first pole class reminded of all the hours I had 'played' in the gym as a kid. I looked forward to these classes as a chance to collaborate with other women, contort my body in ways it remembered doing when I was a kid, and to just plain take life a little less seriously. That first class led me on a fantastic journey that has allowed me to live my passion every day. I am excited to share that passion with all the wonderful women who may come through the door at TGR Fitness.

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