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WHO ME? People say that I'm fun and charismatic. Maybe they're just a little way too easy entertained!? The rest is on a need to know basis only- I like dogs-ok-Happy? Lets just say that I'm a unique optimistic individual who is always evolving and forever finding out about my own true self by pushing through experience and getting better as a person every day.. The journey is the destination! Favourite quote- They laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh at them because they're all the same!

Since I can remember, I have loved watching movies and have felt a great connection to art and the acting world. So far I have lived a very colourful life and have experienced intense emotions along side global cultures. I spent 5 years living in the U.S.A where I finally took my first steps as an actor, which in turn only made my desire to become a professional actor even stronger. I have been taking acting classes and want to continue learning along side gaining practical experience. I am a strong character, driven and focused. I am a quick learner, positively listen to feed back and always striving to improve. I am quietly confident, artistic and sensitive. You could almost call me an introvert as I don't speak unless I have something meaningful to say. I enjoy watching people and I am fascinated by the human psyche.


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