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London, United Kingdom.

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Jon East is a British television and film drama director, who has also produced and executive produced several award-winning programmes. Jon started work in the industry as a film editor and has also worked as the Chief Storyline Writer on the BBC's flagship EASTENDERS and as a storyboard and concept artist for TV, music promos and commercials. Between 2005 and 2008 he ran the BBC Children's Drama and Animation Department.

For direction, he has been BAFTA nominated twice and won the award for single film THAT SUMMER DAY - which controversially tackled the July 05 London bombings. He was also nominated at the Venice Biennale for the SILVER LION, with his 35mm short, IT CAN BE DONE.

In 2011 Jon storylined series 2 of THE SPARTICLE MYSTERY with writer Alison Hume and directed the series finale of WHITECHAPEL III. In 2012 Jon directed a three part adaptation for Carnival/ITV of Blake Morrison's novel THE LAST WEEKEND. He also co-executive produced series 2 of THE SPARTICLE MYSTERY for Sparticles Productions/BBC and directed the final four 30' episodes. In 2013 Jon directed four of the six episodes of ITV's gothic crime series WHITECHAPEL and the Christmas Special of DOWNTON ABBEY for Carnival/ITV.

In 2014 he is directing the first three and last four episodes of CRITICAL, a groundbreaking new 13 part medical drama for Hattrick/SKY1.

Jon East
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