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User Bio was originally conceived by Dr. Tim Pett and Hal Pluenneke
 in 2008. The concept was to bring together entrepreneurs online within a password protected site to exchange ideas and "know-how". However, the project never got off the ground.

In late 2010, Dr. Pett recruited Clint Brauer to take over the effort. The concept was slightly modified to allow for the public to access the website, feature social media integration and also to feature original content. The physical events continued to be invite only on a quarterly basis. is launching officially on March 17th, 2011. We expect that this will become THE gathering point for entrepreneurs and their trusted advisor over the coming months.

Wichita does have a history of entrepreneurship, but it is somewhat hidden. The aim of is highlight entrepreneurship to Wichita residents and students in order to inspire local innovation and job growth.

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  1. Really enjoyed meeting Bill! Very impressed what they have done and continue to do with Freddy's. (and how they do it without pretense)