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王靖雅,台灣台北人,加州藝術學院電影導演所畢業 (California Institute of the Arts, Film Directing MFA Program)。 就學時執導多部短片,作品曾於芝加哥,洛杉磯,台北等地的影展放映。畢業後旅居於洛杉磯,於好萊塢的拍片現場擔任電影場記和音樂錄影帶導演,並從事翻譯小說的工作; 2011年夏天返回台北。更多的個人經歷和作品介紹請參閱網站:

Chingya Wang is a Taiwanese filmmaker based in Los Angeles & Taipei. As a storyteller, she uses camera to explore human condition in life, especially woman's psychological status in relationship. To tell stories in English but not her first language Mandarin allows her to explore the possibility of cinema language between eastern/western cultures.

Language barrier within cultural conflict is another theme of her films. The multicultural background of Los Angles nurses her to develop an unique aesthetic style. As Claudia Wells once said, ” Chingya made very well observed, at times funny, always evocative films about the collision of cultural assumptions. Incorporating old Chinese imagery, the film even became a kind of parable or fairy tale.”

Chingya holds MFA in Film Directing at California Institute of the Arts. Her thesis film Take Her Picture (2010) premiered at the Los Angeles International Women's Film Festival: Student Shorts Category. Her latest film Ayumi's Wedding Ring (2011) premiered at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, made by Visual Communications' ”Armed With a Camera” Fellowship.

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