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New Media is a coordinated studies program, which includes first-year students from the Graphic Design and Photography at Seattle Central Community College. The purpose of this course is to prepare students for real-world working experience in their respective fields. Students work collaboratively in this project-based curriculum, exploring the role of communications in the context of Media and our society. A vibrant coordinated studies program fosters retention of students, community building, and affords students the chance to see how disciplines are integrated. The primary objective of the course is for students to gain knowledge and skills in different forms of mass media, human relations, computation, communications and technology. This is done in an interdisciplinary setting. Additional objectives of New Media are to develop skills that form the basis for future career work in these disciplines—all of which relate to general media—and to begin to establish professional contacts with other individuals in related fields. This course is unique in that it continues for three quarters and is project-based. It is team-taught and offers students in the interconnected disciplines an opportunity to network and share their skills and talents in a unique learning environment.

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