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  1. Niklas Johansson, FSF

    Niklas Johansson, FSF PRO Stockholm


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    AGENCY SWE PONTUS RÖNN / AOA pontus@artofficialagency.com artofficialagency.com cell: +46 (0)70 514 05 03 AGENCY US GREGG DALLESANDRO / LSP gregg@artistry.net lspagency.net cell: +1 310.652.8778 AGENCY FRANCE/UK REBECCA FAYYAD PALUD / LUX rebecca@luxartists.net luxartists.net +44…

  2. Jonathan Leder

    Jonathan Leder Woodstock, NY 12409


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    Photographer and Director whose clients include Louis Vuitton, Adidas, Urban Outfitters, Italian Elle, Arkitip. New magazine FETISHISMS MANIFESTO. Press includes NY Times, ABC News, The Hunger Magazine, Topman, etc.

  3. Damien elroy Vignaux

    Damien elroy Vignaux Plus Berlin


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    Director, photographer, illustrator

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