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An experienced and innovative photojournalist, D-PRO Inc. owner and director of photography Shawn Dennison has more than 23 years of broadcast, commercial and corporate video expertise. Shawn has won numerous regional news Emmy ® Awards and Telly ® Awards, as well as being honored by the National Press Photographers Association and the Associated Press for excellence in videography and editing.

As videographer for the World-Famous San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park for more than a decade, Dennison traveled the globe documenting conservation efforts, and educated the public about rare and exotic animals through the unique glimpses of them at the zoo and in their natural habitats. From the Wolong Panda Research Center in China to the Iguana Relocation Project in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Dennison has been behind the scenes to record milestones and produce videos that educate and entertain. His work appeared all around the world, including on Animal Planet, National Geographic Today, PBS, the Early Show on CBS and the Endangered Species Report on ABC News.

Today, he uses this expertise to create a variety of top quality, multimedia projects for clients, such as television pilot programs, investor videos, fundraising presentations and web advertising and marketing tools that get results.

It is his eye for detail, creativity and customer service that will bring your story to life.

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