Eureka, Lost Coast, California.

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What can Shrox do for you?

Shrox can focus peoples' attention on your idea with the some of most eye-snatching visuals in the world! Animated or stills, they make them stop and stare. Take a look!
What is Shrox, and why should I care?

Shrox is a gift to mankind, a creative genius with nearly precognitive abilities to....oh, I got nothing, just a talent in art and design. I make pretty pictures that people like to look at.
Oh, so "Shrox" is some uppity artist type. Hmm, does he wear a wool cap in the summer so he can look all bohemian and crap?

No, Shrox has never worn a wool cap in the summer in look cool. He has worn a wool cap in winter to help keep warm. Shrox can be described as genuine, funny, maverick, kind to animals, but has lousy penmanship.
Well, OK. So what has this Shrox character done?

Shrox served as an art director at Sega in San Francisco during the Dreamcast era on "10six", the first ever major multi player shooter offered on the web, from 1997 to 2003. "10six" now enjoys a second round as "Planet Visitor". Prior to that, he was executive artist at Maxis, and then an art director at Electronic Arts after they acquired Maxis. Shrox has also done CG work on two movies, several commercials, and dozens of still images for ads in newspapers and magazines. Most recently, he created and animated insect models for a virtual reality book called "Bugs 3D" published by Popar Books, of which he is a co-founder. He has also done work with Dr. Chris McKay of NASA/Ames, depicting future missions to Mars and the Earth's moon Luna.
Oh. Cool...he is real right? And stable?

Shrox is indeed real, and is perfect stable when kept at the proper temperature. Occasionally, a bluish aura might be visible and sparks may be emitted. Simply say nice things and offer a refreshing beverage to reset. Do not return to manufacturer.
Alrighty then...what does he do for fun?

Streetluge! 70+mph just one inch above the ground! Yeah baby, yeah!
He also enjoys designing and flying model rockets, several of his designs are available through national distributors, such as Quest Aerospace and Apogee Rockets.
OK, I am sold, where can I see his work? That was easy!

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