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Wang/Ramirez is not your average production company.
It will not serve the classical meaning of the word production.
It will leave you in the wide variety of one word's abundance of definitions.
Wang/Ramirez is as diverse as the cultures that clashed and harmonized when its founders met.

Honji Wang and Sébastien Ramirez, the award-winning dance artists and choreographers, are working between Paris, Berlin and London, traveling and performing internationally.
They are known for their special blend of Hip Hop and contemporary dance to create simply beautiful work.
Always in combination with music, fashion and style.
The beautiful metamorphosis of all these creative components have now found a home.
Wang/Ramirez has a main focus on producing video work as well as theater and executing ideas around dance, music and great talent while involving the creative minds in their surrounding.

Knowing that only an open mind is what keeps you growing, Honji and Sébastien are on the steady look out for fresh concepts and take pleasure in fusioning their passion and the skills of those who are ready to ascend in their creativity.

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