Martin Rodriguez

Montreal, PQ

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Martin's musical and artistic explorations are rooted in his colourful experiences coming from a Polish-Mexican-American home. Using a collage of sounds influenced by growing up on the border town of Rio Rico, Arizona to coming of age in a Seattle suburb in the 90s, he creates cinematic soundscapes offering a door to the imagination.

In 2012 his project “Open La Puerta” received funding from the Quebec Conseil des Arts, Conseil des Arts de Montreal as well as the M.A.I. (Montreal Arts Intercultural). 2014 finds him presenting a new interactive work - “Cabezon”, as well as some soon-to-be-announced projects.

In addition to his personal artistic explorations, Martin is looking to bring his production and coordination expertise to work with arts organizations and creative agencies that are contributing to our cultural milieu.

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