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  1. Tamir Moscovici

    Tamir Moscovici PRO Toronto, Canada


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    Tamir is a commercial and documentary director/producer with Spy Films www.spyfilms.com www.mosmedia.ca http://www.ersteliebefilm.de/ www.urbanoutlaw.tv

  2. Flake & Flames Film

    Flake & Flames Film Plus Germany/Denmark


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    FLAKE & FLAMES FILM PROJECT. “The world famous Kool Lifestyle Photographer Dirk “The Pixeleye” Behlau and the acclaimed Pinstriper and Artist, Jesper Bram join forces on an astonishing adventure to make a documentary Film about the Kustom Kulture movement around the globe.” Follow…

  3. Ralf Becker

    Ralf Becker Plus Hamburg, Germany


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    Been there, seen that, done that. Life is too short for ugly cars. Re-create and remix. Websites: http://ralfbecker.com, http://chromjuwelen.com Chromjuwelen Vimeo Channel: http://vimeo.com/channels/chromjuwelen Sharing is caring. http://about.me/chromjuwelen.

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