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N-Duced is the birth of a music label stimulating the sounds of empowering electronica beat. It will wave you to the traditional forms of electronic music and as well as transport you into the newly created genres of the electronic frequency. You will be moved to all forms of House Music, Trance, Electro, Tech, Nu-Disco, DnB, and Dub Step. N-Duced is dedicated to delivering its hypnotic sound through the use of traditional and fusion style waves of transmission and promotion. It will partner with all-form radio stations globally, to deliver its addictive vibe. N-Duced will expose you to the DJ’s and Program Directors mastering this transformation of sound from all over the globe. It is an envelopment that will call to you, transcend you, and leave you in Electronic Trance!
Now… are you ready to be N-DUCED?

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