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  1. kathleen daniel

    kathleen daniel USA/Germany


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    I´m an eccentric butterfly and creative-freak when it comes to music, videos and screenplays. The ghetto is rich in drama and humor. So I sing about the poor, the ones closest to the street, and my stuff depict the life they live.

  2. Jorge Nuñez

    Jorge Nuñez Bilbao


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    Jorge Núñez de la Visitación (Santurtzi, 1983). Vive y trabaja en Bilbao (País Vasco). Doctor en Bellas Artes por la UPV-EHU con la Tesis Doctoral titulada Fricciones. Artificios dramáticos en el Cine contemporáneo. Co-director del espacio Puerta y ganador de…

  3. agnès pe. tomàs

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