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Felix Mathias Ott is mainly a dancer and choreographer in the field of contemporary dance. And works between Paris and Berlin He grew up in an actor familie and started to collect stage experience allready as a young boy. Felix Mathias Ott studied first stage design bevor he came back to his performative roots within a study in Contemporary dance, Context, Choreography at HZT Berlin in Cooperation with UdK und Erst Busch Hochschule in Berlin. Since than he he is working as a stage designer, video artist, interpret (dancing/acting), author and choreographer all over europe for example for Krzysztof Warlikowski, Boris Charmatz, Yves Noel Genod, Maud le Pladec, Mathilde Monnier, Björn Melhus....
In his own work is supported for the next years by the european " Apap" artplatform and a film he is working on at the moment got finaced by "hesssischer Rundfunk". For the film " les enfants de la nuit" by Caroline Deruas (awarded with a silver leopard by the filmfestival locarno) he also got nominated as the best young actor!
In his own work he is against conceptual working in the seek of the concept, like our days its often seen. He wants to invite the spectator to a discovery into the unconscious world of his own. This demands a writing witch is constructed in a surreal manner, to trigger the unconscious of the spectator and his own creativity, to let him construct his one world with the fragments he will have to confront Within this, Felix Mathias Ott wants to create a silent dive from reality into fiction; which will stand in contrast to our contemporary ways to receive information, and get influenced allover with screamed out manipulative slogans. In his work he is not neglecting different medias, but he neglect the use of them as decoration. His interest is to create a “stage reality” in a subtle and intuitive way.
He expect through this way of working, it will be possible to create a platform to rethink the space of living art and create a counterbalance to its great conceptual steam at the moment, also to continue my research in collaboration and creating my way to work with stage today.

Performance Art: interperter ( selection )

„Cunningham re-act“ by Boris Charmatz, 2008 Berlin
„speech 1-9“ Collective Work, 2009-2010 Europa
„Venus and Adonis“ by Yves Noel Genod, 2009 Paris
„Professor“ by Maud le Pladec, 2010 Rennes
„levee les conflits“ by Boris Charmatz 2010 Avignon
„the rake’s progress“ by K. Warlikowski 2010 Berlin
„ premier avril“ by Yves Noel Genod with Jeanne Balibar, 2011 Bruxelles

Performance Art: coauthor (selection)

„ Notes From Yesterday“ in collaboration with Ehud Darash, 2008 Berlin
„ Der Eine und der Andere“ in Collaboration with Franz Xaver Ott, 2008 Stuttgart
„ Spechproject“ initiation of the Collective Speech, 2009 Berlin-Paris
„ Puplic in Privat „ company work, 2010/11 Berlin

Installation-/ Filmwork:

„ Rapide Eye Movement“ dancefilm, 2007 Berlin
„ Surrogate“ videoinstalation for „ Surrogate Cities“ by Heiner Goebbels, Sir Simon Rattle and Mathilde Monier, Berlin 2008
„Mr. Bot #1&2“ Film and video work, Classic-Clip Award, 2009
„ La Jeunesse“ dokumentationsperformance“ 2010 Paris
„Live Action Hero“ in Collaboration with Björn Melhus„ 2011 Berlin

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