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Backcountry in Canada entices so many top snowboarders from all over the world.
From that extensive field, a Japanese rider achieved the world wide prominence in the snowboard industry.
A Japanese professional snowboard rider named Tadashi Fuse.
“Wanting to convey the enjoyment of snowboarding to more people”
“Wanting Japanese riders to be showcased in the international snowboard scene”
From such enthusiasm, he created HEART FILMS in 2006 with unique riders from all over Japan.
It was not an easy job to create a new environment. He carried his experience to young riders and united inexperienced riders and the international snowboard scene by becoming a bridgebuilder…
He moved to Canada and showed his way to use a snowmobile and his innovative eyes for lines and terrain to other riders by sacrificing his own riding time. This is because he wanted, and believed, that such things will lead to pushing the Japanese snowboard industry.
Tadashi Fuse has always been leading the riders. In the five years, he has set up the environment for each rider to go for the international snowboard scene with their own styles and skills.
All those young riders, who appeared on the fourth DVD -“HeartFilms ZERO” and the newest DVD -“HeartFilms vol.4”, are trying to attain a higher state.
Tadashi Fuse has achieved his goal as the HeatFilms founder, therefore, to move on to the new stage and to focus on YES.NOW.BOARD, he will be leaving HEART FILMS.
Please give continuous support to our new HEART FILMS’ young riders as well as Tadashi Fuse’s future endeavours.

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