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Simon Frederick is a former athlete. His athletics training taught him that anything is possible and gave him an inner strength that keep’s him pushing for the line. This training has served him well outside of sport. His capacity to go further, his energy to succeed and his ability to inspire those around him. Led him into a successful career as a talented brand marketeer. Simon's unique ability of being able to share his vision in ways that enable others to see the journey has been the foundation of his work that saw him developing projects for Levi’s, The Royal Navy, Caterpillar Work Wear, Guinness Foreign Extra and Sony Music. Prior, Simon worked at the BBC, Time out and ELLE, then launched Drum and Untold magazines in the UK, before becoming a photographer.

Most of his early career was spent working with photographers, but Simon had no ambition to ever become one. He respected the way they communicated to the world through their work and held in high regard their creativity and craft, but never had any ambition to ever become a photographer. There is no one more surprised than him that this is now his career.Self taught, Simon’s work is forever evolving.

Over the years he has refinedhis trademarks of lighting and composition. He is able to communicate emotion, mood, or a thought that captures the soul of the person or places in a single image.

Simon believes that anything and everything can be done. If you can dream it, then you can do it. is the mantra he lives and works by.Simon likes to be challenged and for his work to be challenging.

Simon’s ambition is to make the greatest and most memorable advertising images, to shoot the most recognizable portraits, inspire with beautiful fashion images, find new ways to present images of interiors and continue to make images of the greatest concerts. Simon does not want to be labeled as a portrait photographer, music photographer, fashion photographer, interior photographer or as an artist.

SIMONFREDERICK is as an image-maker.

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