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Eli Shaber is an bona-fide original voice in contemporary prose-poetry. Here he performs vignettes captured in brilliant, high-definition video. All works are from the DVD entitled "WHITE BOY COOL: Seven Act Of Vicious Funambulism" (Greenpoint Press 2011)

The works are both lyrical and painfully playful and employ a fresh, mischievous mix of couplet styling.

But, the real knock-out punch comes in the form of unexpectedly complex wordplay punctuated with delicious phrase twisting. The subjects are the stuff of our mundane daily life. Turned upside-down, poetically.

Dr. Shaber has previously published the epic-style novel curiously entitled "The Dude 'Du Jour' Of Somalia" (Greenpoint Press, 2010). Accordingly, he also narrated the CD audio companion to "The Dude".

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