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Soul Kiss Films is an independent film company dedicated to producing entertaining, compelling and evocative films for and by women.

The company originated as the "love child" of producer Marina Rice Bader and writer/director Nicole Conn, and is driven by two directives. One, to create quality cinema that fulfills the need in the LGBT community for "more good movies" and "stories that speak to our experience" and two, support female driven projects in what is still a male dominated industry.

Soul Kiss makes captivating films that lift you up, sweep you away, and deal with matters of the heart, of the soul. We tell love stories, and we believe that a great romance will always be in style.

We are currently in post-production for "A Perfect Ending", a new feature length film about one woman's very unique path to self-discovery. Please check out the project's page for details. We also have two other features in the works, which you can find out about on the Films in Development page.

Please come join our film family, and help make the movies that you'll be enjoying for many years to come.

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