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Tanya Habjouqa was born in Jordan and educated in the United States, receiving her masters in Global Media and Middle East Politics from the University of London SOAS. Beginning her career in Texas, she documented Mexican migrant communities and urban poverty before returning to the Middle East.

Tanya is known for gaining unique access to sensitive gender, social and human rights stories in the Middle East. She is a freelance photographer, features writer, and a founding member of Rawiya photo collective (founded by five female photographers from across the Middle East).

She is a recipient of the Magnum Foundation 2013 Emergency Fund for her project, Occupied Pleasures.

Habjouqa has worked on the front lines in Iraq, Lebanon, Darfur, and Gaza. Her series "Women of Gaza" is in the permanent collection of the Boston Museum of Fine Art.

Based in East Jerusalem, she is working on personal projects that explore socio-political dynamics, identity politics, occupation, and subcultures of the Levant.

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