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I'm Kyle.

A 17y.o Cinematography student living in the sticks of rural England.

What are my interests in film?

Being a current media student at my local college has helped me explore the medium on a lot more deeper level however me and film go back a bit further since the local media coordinator spotted me and a group of friends to participate in the coverage of local & school events, 15 productions, many gaffer balls thrown, and hundreds of man hours spent I'm where I'm at now. On the brink of leaving education and looking at the bigger picture and the places where passion for film & visual elements can be applied.

Any Directors that Influence you?

Firstly and foremost Christopher Nolan's incredible works with his signature style with the use of nonlinear narrative especially prevalent in the likes of: Shutter Island, Inception, and Memento. Orson Welles's Citizen Kane - A film that is very much relevant today as it ever was and an inspiring piece of early film-making. Fritz Langs Metropolis movies without spoken dialogue, German expressionism, and that are over 2 hours long and I must confess I didn't watch all of it but from what I saw made me think "Wow people must have freaked out watching this back in 1927".

So you're into film... what do you actually do?

Well... I enjoy the VFX part of production and have spent the past few years working mainly in After Effects and C4D to produce motion graphics. I like exploring new areas within the field such as Character Rigging, 3D camera tracking a motion tracking. Mainly the integration of CGI and real film elements while keeping a sense of verisimilitude which can often be lost for the self-same reason. Another thing I have been interested in is the use of Music and visuals together or more so Music driving visuals and it has occurred to me due to the very dominant nature of the video that the music behind it often get overseen therefore abiding Andrew Goodwin's Theory on Visual Lyrics/Thought Beats the illustration of music through aural driven visuals Is a powerful visual technique I hope to implement in the future.

Recent Obsessions:

I usually do the festival route every year working in catering (unfortunately not media) and find myself watching the most amazing light shows and visual displays. A noteworthy one was Danny Boyle's prestigious efforts on The Chemical Brother set which was was absolutely phenomenal. This has inspired me to not only implement projections with me A-Level Theatre work but look into the possibilities of 3D projection mapping using GNU software VTP (as unfortunately many of the renown run on Xcode which uses Mac OS ). On the photographic front I did have a thing for instant photography with my purchase of a Polaroid Impulse and inheritance of an SX-70 "button camera" however this year I hope to focus more on the use of my Medium format Voiglander Briliant & Double 8mm Bell & Howell Autoloader "Electric Eye"... If I can develop the

Where do you see yourself in two years’ time?

Unfortunately hate to say it but out of Devon as nice as it is with the rolling hills, mediocre surf, and cruisey lifestyle there are simply no VFX jobs down here and I would love to get an insight and hopefully foothold into the industry and give my creativity some direction instead of the little oddjobs that I currently receive.

How can I contact you?

Feel free to send me a message or drop on email to my freelance alias:

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