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Jonathan Briceño De Luise
Director/ Cinematographer/ Art director
Born in the 5th of May 1982

Interested in multiple arts at early age, he was able to develop painting as its main art form. His first glances of being an artist at age 16, having various art expositions since 1999. He Became graphic designer/Art director at its 20´s, and electronic music producer since 2007. His transition to Cinematographer/Director was quiet expected when he studied photography.

Its ability to conform images by playing with textures, weight, shape, and color are well established in his work . Hes always in the pursuit of beauty and parity. One of his main characteristics is his manipulation of light and composition, implementing the roll of cinematographer each time he directs. This (he says) unifies the process of image acquisition, giving added values to the final product.

His selection of camera sensors, type of lenses, codecs, and lights, gives this multidisciplinary artist, the vision and sensibility to perform excellently as Director/cinematographer, by understanding the emotion and feeling of the scene.

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