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The Conscious World Summit & Film Festival events give you consciousness-raising experiences that you can use whenever and wherever you choose. And you'll have access to the thought and consciousness leaders through interivews, seminars, online events and local group meetings, all packaged with efficiency and effectiveness in easy-to-apply byte-sized pieces.

We're all navigating through this new age for humanity and The Conscious World Summit gives you practical personal insights, resources and consciousness expanding experiences in addition to access to the great consciousness leaders of our times.

History's greatest teachers of well being, creativity, problem solving, love and gratitude all taught consciousness.

What you'll discover:

> We're all human beings. Discover how consciousness you're being is the single greatest creative presence in your life. Connect life's dots with the newest science and life enhancing breakthroughs. It's quality of consciousness that art directs quality of life and new science is proving it!

> Discover why sustainable success happens after someone recognizes a problem and devotes themselves to being the most conscious solution. Social problems don't have sides, they're energy misalignments that have causes and solutions. With us you're among the first to witness the birthing of sustainable solutions, without choosing sides, religiosity or politicizing.

> Network with today's inventive green trailblazers and tomorrow's peaceful leaders, as they grow solutions and hire conscious people. Together we're taking the best of agricultural, industrial and information ages to create a sustainable Age of Consciousness.

> Our career forum connects conscious people with beautiful career, consulting and volunteer opportunities.

> Easily identify the conscious products and services that are healing humanity's relationship with nature. Our community's consumer consciousness has already raised the bar for global business and that enhances quality of life and sustainability for all Life.

> We're an open forum community. You'll find inspiring scientific breakthroughs, reinvention and recovery guidance and practical ways to bring higher consciousness into your life, relationships and endeavors.

> Have open access to transformational audio programs that teach you to quickly feel better and be better. Transcend stress and fear so you're centered, peaceful and rejuvenated. These are quick, natural ways to pick yourself up.

> Discover profound truths about how life energies really work. It's available as entertaining-to-the-point documentary films, interviews, articles, ebooks and MP3 audio files that you'll love linking friends to. We gather the stories that inside-track leaders of the shift are dining on tonight.

> Experience valuable, to-the-point, interviews with inspiring people, whenever and wherever you're ready to use them as guidance for yourself and the people you care about.

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