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Hull. United Kingdom

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My Name is Havi Ibrahim Kurdish/British film director and documentary maker. My filmmaking interest lies in depictions of my own culture, both positive and negative, and this allows me to express my ideas and present something largely new to the world outside of Kurdistan. It allows me also to help and highlight my culture and both the beauty of it and the problems it has to endure.

I finished my education in Duhok, Kurdistan, and then studied Fine Art at the Duhok Instute of Fine Art, where I graduated before leaving the country. In England, I graduated from the foundation degree in Contemporary Fine Art, then switched to TV and Film Design for my final year as my work was becoming increasingly centred on film media.

Now I'm studding M.A. in media and communication at Leeds Metropolitan University. The subject of my research is about the metaphysical in cinema. Through my M.A. research I am aiming to write the script for a feature-length psychological horror film.

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