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Brett walker hails from the grim north of England, something he say’s is a part of his “DNA”, on arriving in London in his mid teens his head was spun by the diversity and opportunity the city had to offer, despite being a self confessed “strictly British photographer” his work spans every continent ,ghetto and gated millionaires compound his camera has taken him .
Learning his trade in Fashion and advertising he soon developed a rare allergy to frocks and make up, leaving the commercial world behind, having worked for the usual suspects The Face, ID, Conde Naste here in the UK and Paris and Yohji Yamamoto, hysteric Glamour and various obscure ad campaigns in Tokyo.
After a decade of working in Bangkok Brazil and Angola on non photographic projects Brett returned to photography with the philosophy that “All art is a lie” and “only a blind man can take an honest picture.
He uses his camera now as a therapeutic tool, a way of finding himself in the faces and dark spaces of others.
Recently he has teamed up with Artist and liar Richie culver jointly working on Projects for German band Digitalism and Liam bailey under the umbrella of FWRK a collection of brilliantly cynical “Art workers” producing heartless propaganda for the consumption of the 21st century empty soul.
Brett lives in London for his sins.

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