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Welcome to a world of creation! HEB' s birthplace is Paris, one of the world's greatest fashion centers. For us, beauty means convenience, comfort, glamour, natural, elegance and outstanding design & quality. We set up HEB because we have the passion for women and the art of hair extension.

Hair extensions are an exciting and glamorous way of complementing your natural look. Hair Extension Bar uses the latest advances in technology to give you added length, color, volume, curls or special effects. Extensions can also be a quick repair of a bad haircut.

Hair extensions are the must-have fashion accessory for women. They are Make-up for Hair and will give you more self-esteem and confidence. At HEB, we have the finest Remy natural human hair extensions for all women, Caucasian women, Asian women, women of African descent or Latin American women…Plus all attachments techniques available so far... Clip-in extension, wefts, keratin extension, ring extension, skin wefts, lace wigs, Natureal wigs…Afro hair, silky straight hair, yaki be honest any kind of hair are HEB’s stock-in-trade.

We exist to inspire and the HEB team works with International Photographers, magzines and Designers to create the latest whimsical, beautiful and avant-garde looks for our collections. We aim to bring the catwalk trends to you. Our talented art director, Kim Chincholle created our iconic Haute Couture Hair Dress.
This is the brand signature and we’ve been taking this art to a new level for more than 5 years now.

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