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My name is Mic Cox and I'm from Parkersburg, WV. I'm married to the hottest woman on the planet, Lindsay Rae, and this year (7/24/11) will be our 7th year of blissful marriage. I've done a ton of things in my short 36 years. I've been in fulltime ministry now for 17 years now. I have pastored churches and youth groups as well as spending several years on the radio as a disc jockey in the MOV. I guess what I may be "known" for was the time I spent founding the metal / hardcore band Zao. In 1993, Eric Reeder and I sat down on the floor of his house and tried desperately to write music. It wasn't until later that year a friend of ours, Roy Goudy, met Jesus at a Bride concert and the story begins. We later picked up a crazy, skate boarding sophomore, Jesse Smith from Parkersburg to replace our MIA drummer and the legend began. The 7 years I spent with Eric, Roy, Jesses and Shawn were some of the greatest times of my life. I miss them and at the same time I am glad they are over. The adventure called my life did not end when I left the band, it had just begun. When I met Lindsay in 2004, I knew things couldn't get any sweeter so I married her in a flash and it's been bliss ever since. We are now preparing to launch into the daring expedition known as "starting a family" and we can't wait. Currently I'm serving as an associate pastor at Valley Harvest Church in Marietta, Ohio and I handle the teaching aspect for the Breaker Company (founded by former Zao dude Eric Reeder). I also lead worship and sing crazy love songs to Jesus. My wife likes to help out in that as well. All in all we just like having a good time with our friends serving God and doing His work in the Kingdom. We hope that you join the party!

Mic Cox

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