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Bee Nguyen is revered and respected as one of the enertainment industry’s leading style makers and youth culture specialists within the world of brand marketing and promotions. Bee has been featured in such media outlets as MR magazine, the Source, XXL, Frank 151, STATUS, DUB magazine, (LTD) Magazine, Giant, NYLON Guys, Hypebeast, Evil Monito, Limite’ Magazine, VIBE and on Viacom’s BET.
As the founder of Grand Tactics; Bee has successfully created brand strategies and marketing campaigns for CPG brands while navigating through a multitude of industries ranging from music, television, fashion, gaming and film. Having worked with such varied corporations as AMP Energy, LVMH’s Belvedere Vodka, Virgin Mobile, Activision, Mazda, Pepsi, Adidas, PRO-Keds, MTV Films, Sony Music, Remy Martin Cognac, MONSTER Cable, the Dolce Group, Dimension/Miramax, Reebok, and BET to name a few.

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