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Western MA, USA

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  1. Big Brick Productions
  2. How To Destroy Angels
  3. Rob Sheridan
  4. Paperback Productions
  5. Nine Inch Nails
  6. Epic Filmmakers
  7. Summer Wind Wedding Films
  9. Meg Elkinton

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  1. The mic stand totally had it coming.
  2. Pure artistic eye candy; the context/photographic references are a lot more apparent to me now than they were then (of course, when I first saw the video at age 16, I really just wanted to be the microphone).
  3. Gorgeous.
  4. Magnificent. The two shows I saw from this tour were the absolute highlight of my Sr. year of high school; almost 20yrs later and everything about the music and performance still kicks me in the gut. Thank you.
  5. Seeing two shows from that era = pretty much the highlight of high school. Almost twenty years later and it's still amazing music.
  6. Love it! Can't wait for the event.