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Recipients of the "Reader's Choice" award for the 2010 Westword Music Showcase in Denver, CO, Petals of Spain is undefeated in the four Battle of the Bands they've participated in thus far.

"I would say their music has infectious grooves that flirt with the borders of Rock, Pop, Funk, Soul and Jazz."
"This music is timeless, people, and why wouldn’t it be?"
"I highly recommend experiencing this band, live!"

-Michael Orton, Colorado Music Buzz

With an in-the-pocket rhythm section, 3-4 part vocals, a one-man horn section, intricate melodies, and an uncompromised drive for originality you’ll feel Petals of Spain.

"...they brought the place to its knees...because they're ridiculously good at what they do."
"Petals of Spain are consummate entertainers."
-Kiernan Maletsky, Westword Music Blogs

PofS has unreleased recordings done by Derrick Bozich at the Olive House as well as an EP entitled, Late Night Visitor. Late Night Visitor was recorded Spring-Summer of 2010 with Sonic Bloom Productions.

"Recalling the work of Donald Fagen or Jason Mraz, this band's eclectic oeuvre is undergirded by jazz and R&B rhythms..."
"...a cultivated sophistication rare in such music these days."
-Tom Murphy, "Critic's Choice," Denver Westword Music

The world should be ready for an ear-full of flavor from every bite from the Petals melting pot, and eager at least for a sample. With more than two albums worth of recording ready to be taken into the studio, each member is currently writing and maintaining the standard they’ve set.

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