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Devon Hosford is an ambitious Motion Graphics Designer currently based in Savannah, GA. Devon currently attends the Savannah College of Art and Design, pursuing a Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree in Motion Media Design. 

Before college, Devon was fortunate enough to have attended a high school that was a part of the National Academy Foundation, where she received the first 4 of her 6 years in Graphic and Web Design in the Academy of Information Technology. Devon went on to become a 3-time State Championship Winner for Web Design, and went on to compete on the national level earning her rank as one of the Top 15 Web Designers in the country.

Over the years Devon was a creative leader in many programs and organizations holding positions such as President, Editor in Chief, and Secretary. Devon was also asked to be a keynote speaker at the NAF 2010 Leadership Conference, speaking to an audience of over 2,500 guests about her experiences and successes in her studies.

It is with these life lessons and experiences that Devon embraces the challenging and ever present world of Motion Graphics.

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