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Success defines me as an all around entertainer that enjoys wowing people and making them want to see more in either my visual effects field or my street performance field. I enjoy learning and creating eye appealing work that will further my mind’s creativity to its extreme capacity. I will take on anything that catches my interest to further my entrepreneurship and make it into a natural talent. Previous jobs I have done are magic shows, juggling, stilt walking, costume characters, and my latest field of work in visual effects and motion graphics are all related because they show my interest of being a people person, learning things quickly and my problem solving skills. In visual effects and motion graphics I have used programs that I have taught me how to be creative and learn problem solving in a different and more challenging way than I had been used to in my previous career. I currently use programs like Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, 3d Studio Max, Maya, Combustion, Syntheyes, Fusion and Cinema 4d. These programs have challenged me and made me more confident in my career choice as a visual effects artist. One of my major strengths is coming up with unique ideas as an individual or in a group. I developed people skills at a very young age giving me the ability to be a team leader and help myself or others in resolving issues. I am a problem solver and I believe that there is a way to fix or accomplish anything. With any ying there’s a yang, and my weaknesses tend to be organization and staying focus on just one project. As I work on projects I branch more ideas off of what I am doing and tend to get overwhelmed with more then I began with. In route of fixing my problem I am currently making a book of ideas that I frequently go back to and keep for brainstorming, so that I don’t take on too many projects at once. I live in an imaginative world, and if I can dream it, I can visualize it, and there is some way I can do it, and that’s what makes me a one of a kind virtuoso.

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