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  1. Paradox

    Paradox Plus Edam, The Netherlands


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    Paradox creates multi-platform projects in photography, video and media related arts. The interaction between social, economic and technological change is central to most thematic and monographic projects developed. Our mission is to stimulate the development of photography and related media. Paradox…

  2. DEVELOP Tube

    DEVELOP Tube Plus


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    DEVELOP Tube: Photography to Watch is an educational resource which features video interviews, lectures & films about photojournalism, documentary & fine art photography. DEVELOP Tube is a facet of DEVELOP Photo. DEVELOP Photo provides resources for the enrichment of the photojournalism,…

  3. PhotoWings

    PhotoWings PRO


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    PhotoWings' mission is to highlight and help facilitate the power of photography to influence the world. We help photography to be better understood, created, utilized, seen, and saved. Please visit our PhotoWings Vimeo channel for additional video content: http://vimeo.com/channels/photowings

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