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We create concepts and apply them in a unique way. Literally we can conceptualize a book or shoot the best viral film ever. Just give us the clear brief and some time. El Turco Digital is for communication. That's why we can easily work with clients. If there is no client around... We will make up a project to find a client.

We are close to a digital advertisement agency but we are not. We are also close to a film production company. But we are not. We are also definitely not a school. The reason that we are in between is 'the new media' is in between. Look at internet, almost all our lifes are there but we are still breathing and eating. We think that regular advertisement agencies are not aware of the speed of the technology. Do you know where are we going? We know.

We know that soon advertisement will be for individuals. For you, for me, for Ahmet. We know that you will be a character in a movie while you sit in a cinema and watch your moves on the screen. This is the circumstances that we r in now. In Turkey lot's of talented young creative graduates can not express them selves freely. They do not get that freedom in their school, how can they express themselves freely in real life. El Turco gives them a creative space with right directions. What we think is: We are 'seriously' in future. What we say is: New generation is our future.

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