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A K Mimi Allin has twice crossed the Pacific Ocean by boat, worked a climbing ranger on Mount Rainier and served in the Peace Corps in Poland. Allin lives and works in Seattle, Washington. She earned an MA in Writing Poetry & Museum Studies from City College of New York. Allin has organized performance-installations for ACT Theatre (2009), Seattle Art Museum (2009), Bumbershoot (2009), Artscapes (2010), ArtSparks (2010), Arts Crush (2010), Greenbank Farm (2008-2010), LitFUSE (2008-2010) and Smoke Farm (2009). In January 2010, Allin became the nation’s first corporate poet, completing an artist residency at NBBJ/Seattle. In 2011, she drew a line around Mount Rainier with her body.

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