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Konrad Aderer lives and works in his native New York City as a documentary director, shooter and editor. Through his nonprofit multimedia project Life or Liberty (lifeorliberty.org), Konrad produces documentaries on how immigrant communities resist wartime profiling and detention. His first feature, ENEMY ALIEN, was honored with a Courage in Media Award from Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Currently he is producing RESISTANCE AT TULE LAKE, a feature on the American concentration camp where thousands of Japanese Americans refused to submit to the government's "loyalty questionnaire" and renounced their U.S. citizenship. Konrad also freelanced as a producer and editor for broadcast news, NGOs, and nonprofits including the United Nations, USAID and the ACLU.

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  • Life or Liberty - nonprofit multimedia project on immigrant communities resisting the Homeland Security state
  • Enemy Alien - The two-year fight to free a Palestinian detained by Homeland Security unfolds through the eyes of a Japanese American whose family was interned during World War II.
  • http://www.konradaderer.com


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