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A mild-mannered editor by day, a daring crime-fighter by night. I often travel the world searching for inspiration to appease both halves of my persona. I bungee-jump, skydive, have a penchant for high end vodka, and am ravenous about Quantum Mechanics.

There are fewer things I enjoy more than intertwining music, footage, and graphics to create something new and memorable. Film is malleable, and like all art, each TV spot, trailer, sizzle reel, or commercial I finish tells a story and contains the promise of an even bigger adventure, of an even greater experience. The random parts of these campaigns themselves are seemingly inanimate until a group of talented and creative people breathe life into them and make them sing. I'm fortunate to work in the industry I do, and as always, I enjoy putting my unique mark on each new job I undertake.

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